2014 February 18, Reston, VA –
IT Security Firm SAVANTURE In the Press

Why security should monitor social media to prevent violence
Behavior on social media can offer clues to potential threats of violence against an organization and its employees.

By David Geer | CSO | 18 February 14

As everyone knows, lone actors such as active shooters and bombers target public places like schools, malls and movie theaters and public events like speaking engagements. In many cases, threats of violence posted to social media precede these attacks.
With this in mind, CSOs and CISOs should consider complementing security measures with social media monitoring and response efforts designed to address the potential that lone actors will carry out threats of violence against the enterprise or any of its employees.

In all this, the CISO’s role is to assess the risk from threats of violence that people post to social media, to communicate that to executive management and to help decide what the risk tolerance is for the company, says Dennis Devlin, CISO, SAVANTURE. Then, the enterprise must create and institute policies and programs to make sure that it carries out the executive management’s intent…

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