Consulting Services

The way organizations and their employees use technology has changed dramatically in the last decade, as have the threats. Today’s threats are more disruptive and can be devastating to your business.The threat to a modern company being impacted by a cyber-compromise isan ever present reality.  To help you in specific situations, we also offer these experienced individuals to perform consulting projects and to augment your staff as needed.  We provide these services in three major categories:

  • CISO Services
  • CPO Services
  • Penetration Testing
  • Customer Development and Integration Services


Chief Information Security Officer Services

Information is the life blood of business.  The responsibility to manage and protect information assets has moved from the computer room to the board room.  And many, if not most organizations, cannot afford the executive leadership needed to effectively guide their investments to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets.  

Organizations like yours realize there are complexities that only an experienced Chief Security Officer (CSO) and/or Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can solve.  Many firms may not need, or can justify the expense of, a full-time CISO or may be looking for just the right person to feel the position.  SAVANTURE offers

  • Member CISO
  • Interim CISO
  • CISO Placement
  • CISO Intelligence
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Chief Privacy Officer and Information Privacy Practice

The Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is the top executive that focuses primarily on information privacy, and serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation and management of the corporate privacy vision, strategy and programs that are balanced with the risk tolerance and the budgetary and business needs of the enterprise.

At the current time most firms may not need, or can justify the expense of, a full-time Chief Privacy Officer.  However the current trends toward increasing privacy laws and regulations combined with the mandate for companies to operate internationally where privacy laws are much stricter than in the US make board level and executive privacy awareness and action a business risk imperative.

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Consulting Approach

For Enterprises

We strive for our products to work easily within your enterprise out of the box.  Less than 2% of our Enterprise clients engage any professional services beyond our standard packages and implementation services.  However, occasionally we have customers that request custom integration, incremental in-house designed application monitoring, or specific onsite support.  In all cases, we are staffed to provide the desired level of support and development for the most complex engagements.

For Carrier and Service Providers
SAVANTURE offers a complete portfolio of professional security-related services to help Carrier and Service Providers customize their MSSP services, create new services, and integrate our security platforms into existing solutions. Our professional services team and solution architects have more than a decade’s worth of experience in network security software integration and have worked with some of the world’s largest carriers, ISPs, and MSSPs. Some of the services we provide to our Customers include: 

    • Architectural assessment
    • Network equipment integration
    • Go to Market and Product Management
    • Sales and Sales Support Training
    • Project management
    • SAVANTURE product training
    • Product customization
    • Infrastructure management and monitoring


Lots of Extra Detail

We offer a full practice providing senior level leadership for security and compliance. Many different titles are used for these consultant roles in the rapidly industry. Here is a list of some of the titles and roles we can provide or supplement for your organization:

    Chief Information Security Officer

      CISO (sometimes Chief Security Officer or CSO, although this is generally accepted to be the leader for physical security), Security Executive
      Part time CISO, Virtual CISO or Fractional CISO
      Contract CISO, CISO contractor or Temporary CISO
      CISO consultant or Security Advisor
      Information Security Operations Manager

    Chief Security Officer

      Part time CSO, Virtual CSO, or Fractional CSO
      Contract CSO, CSO contractor or Temporary CSO
      CSO consultant

    Chief Privacy Officer

      CPO, Chief Compliance Officer, or Privacy and Information Security Officer
      Part time CPO, Virtual CPO, or Fractional CPO
      Contract CPO, CPO contractor or Temporary CPO
      CPO consultant or Privacy Advisor

    Chief Information Risk Officer (CIRO)

      CIRO, CRO
      Part time CIRO, Part time CRO, Virtual CIRO, Virtual CRO, Fractional CIRO, Fractional CRO
      Contract CIRO, CIRO contractor or Temporary CIRO
      CIRO consultant

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)

      Interim CIO, Part-time CIO, Virtual CIO, Fractional CIO
      Contract CIO, CIO contractor or Temporary CIO
      CIO consultant

    Custom Development and Integration Services
    In addition to our security and compliance expertise, we staff some of the most qualified architects, engineers and software developers in the industry. To provide a sample, we staff the following network and security focused technical competencies:

    • Systems Integration
    • Application Architecture
    • Software Development
    • Database / Big Data
    • Configuration Management
    • Quality Assurance

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