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Chief Privacy Officer and Information Privacy Practice

After information security, the next major information risk management challenge facing organizations is privacy.  Security is about protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information in your custody.  Privacy is about protecting the rights of the individuals whose information you collect and empowering those individuals with control over what you collect and how their information is used. Due to emerging laws and regulations, as well as increased awareness in regards to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), your customers expect privacy.  Protecting private information is an element of security; however privacy encompasses a much larger issue.  Organizations are now required to respect privacy in all of their processes and systems, and to empower individuals through notification of what information you are collecting, provide choices to opt in or out, provide the individual with access to determine and change the information accuracy, and provide assurance that the user’s expectation of protection of their information is respected, and that you will ensure the destruction of their personal information when it is longer needed or they have requested its cleansing from your system. Organizations like yours realize there are complexities that only an experienced Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) can help you manage.  The Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) is the top executive that focuses primarily on information privacy, and serves as the business leader responsible for the development, implementation and management of the corporate privacy vision, strategy and programs that are balanced with the risk tolerance and the budgetary and business needs of the enterprise. At the current time most firms may not need, or can justify the expense of, a full-time Chief Privacy Officer.  Outsourcing the CPO function goes by many names; Privacy and Information Security Officer, Part time CPO, Contract CPO, CPO contractor, CPO consultant, Fractional CPO, Temporary CPO or Privacy Advisor. Regardless, the current trends toward increasing privacy laws and regulations combined with the mandate for companies to operate internationally where privacy laws are much stricter than in the US make board level and executive privacy awareness and action a business risk imperative.

This is how SAVANTURE can help:

  • SAVANTURE can help to educate you, your board of directors, senior executives, IT leadership, Human Resources staff, Office of General Counsel, etc. on the privacy laws and regulations that apply to your organization based on the types of Personally Identifiable Information that you manage.
  • Ongoing privacy articles and thought leadership posted in the Privacy Center on available to all SAVANTURE customers.
  • SAVANTURE can be engaged to conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), a specific type of risk assessment to determine the maturity of your current privacy practices and provide you with actionable recommendations for how to become and stay compliant with the laws, regulations and best practices that apply to your particular business.
  • A SAVANTURE Privacy Impact Analysis (PIA) examines and documents:
    • what confidential personal information is being collected by your organization,
    • how that confidential personal information is stored, managed, distributed and destroyed,
    • whether or not your current practices conform to applicable laws, regulations, and policies,
    • how your privacy risks could potentially impact your revenues, reputation and compliance, and
    • what are some actionable recommendations you can take to mitigate those potential risks.
  • SAVANTURE can assist you with development of policies, standards, best practices, website privacy statements, etc.
  • SAVANTURE can monitor your networks and systems on a 7x24x365 basis for evidence of privacy and security anomalies that could indicate a breach or loss of confidential personal information.
  • Finally SAVANTURE can help you establish and maintain a culture of compliance when it comes to privacy which will enable you to leverage privacy as a competitive differentiator for your business.

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