Partnerships are critical to the success of any organization. At SAVANTURE we form partnerships in many different ways. Below are some of our key formal programs:

Sales and Distribution.

SAVANTURE partners with a variety of partners that integrate our products and services into their own solutions. Carriers, Data Centers, Value Added Resellers, and System integrators all leverage our solutions to expand their portfolios or strengthen the features of existing services and solutions they offer. We work hard to make sure each partner has clear differentiators in the marketplace and can succeed in leveraging our products and services as clear differentiation in the marketplace. Some partners want to become MSSPs and our success based pricing allows them to start that journey without millions of dollars of advanced investments in products and staffing. Others wish to add security monitoring, scanning, 2FA, SIEM, LMS or consulting to their existing portfolio and we provide flexible partnering models for each or as a suite. SAVANTURE is proud of the success with its partners and bringing cost effective security solutions to the marketplace through its partners.

Consultants and System Integrators. SAVANTURE has a strong support structure for our Partner Consultants and SIs. In addition to SAVANTURE providing CISOs and Subject Matter Experts (SME), we often engage our partners to deliver services as well when they have the appropriate expertise. Combining local partner support with the global technology and personnel resources of SAVANTURE provides a winning combination in delivery execution.

Technology Partners. While SAVANTURE prides itself on being a world-class development and technology firm, we could not possibly develop products for every customer use case. Rather, our goal is to SaaSify, or operationalize, each security product into an easy to consume model that includes configuration, management, and continuous monitoring, as well as adding integrated threat management, consolidated reporting, dashboard, alerting, ticketing, as well as customer specific workflow and operational support. For SIEM, NHS, LMS, Vulnerability Scanning and Authentication, we leverage SAVANTURES best in class products, however for end-point security, firewalls, IPS, AV, content filtering and many other point products, we partner with world class providers to support, or even sometimes bundle their products with ours.

At SAVANTURE our goal is to remove the complexity of security through operationalizing people, process and technology into easy to consume, easy to use solutions. In no small part, delivering these solutions at the lowest industry price is core to our strategy. More specifically, our strategy is to provide you, our partners and our customers, with effective and cost-attractive information risk management solutions by helping identify, reduce, and manage information risk that might impact your organizations revenues, reputation and regulatory compliance. The combination of SAVANTURE’s human support element and our In-the-Cloud (ITC) Security Services Platform, allows our customers to focus on managing and growing their businesses, while we protect you and your business.



SAVANTURE is able to provide higher value at lower costs with a suite of world class products and services by leveraging automation, our global development team with deep subject matter expertise, and geographically localized leadership with decades of information risk management experience.

Expertise SAVANTURE’s CISOs, Security Analysts, and Security Engineers have experience working for Global and Fortune 500 companies, higher-education, small and medium sized businesses, and service providers. Normally such experienced individuals would only be available to the largest of organizations. The SAVANTURE model makes them available to organizations of all sizes in a way that is scalable, available and cost-effective.Technology Few partners, and even fewer customers, recognize the operational burden of security. Most companies cannot afford a security expert or a CISO, combine that with the need for 24×7 continuous monitoring, and that could be a financial burden than runs into the millions for personnel alone. SAVANTURE not only provides experts for multiple disciplines within security, but we provide them 24×7 at a tiny fraction of what it would cost to staff personnel internally.



Partnership Relations and Business Development
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  • SAVANTURE can enhance your go to market and value proposition resulting in increased revenue and stickiness with existing customers
  • SAVANTURE Services are best in class and provide the most optimal cost performance solution in the marketplace allowing you to focus on your business
  • Best in class offerings allow us to protect your revenue, reputation and regulatory compliance better than any other solution in the marketplace
  • Flexibility in deployment methods allow a low cost entry option, while breath of services allow you to increase your protection logically over time as threats change and regulatory requirements evolve
  • SAVANTURE allows you to leverage best in class or take advantage of SAVANTURE’s Genesis5
  • Ease of deployment and ease of use while always being cost-effective, reliable, and secure
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