Penetration Test Amazon AWS

Penetration Test, Pen Test or vulnerability scanning for your AWS environment can be performed and provide valuable information on the risk level of your applications, but unlike your own infrastructure, you must seek approval from Amazon.  Because Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning can be indistinguishable from activity to AWS from other attacks, security violations, unauthorized third-party scanning, and other network abuses, AWS has established a policy that you requires you to request permission for penetration testing. In order to request permission to conduct penetration testing on your AWS instances:

  • 1. submit a request
  • 2. You are required to sign in by using the standard AWS root account credentials that are associated with your AWS account.
      • – SAVANTURE will provide you details that you will need to add to the form which lets AWS know we are providing the scanning or penetration testing and the pertinent technical details.
        – You can request up to 3 months of penetration testing by specifying the start and end times.
      • – The form also includes our testing terms and policies.

        3. After you submit the form, AWS reviews your request and will respond in approximately 1 to 2 business days.  Follow the instructions on your form and provide the information and approval to SAVANTURE and we will take care of the rest.

        4. No further action on your part is required after you receive our authorization from AWS. conduct your testing through the conclusion of the period you indicated. If you need more time for additional testing, reply to the authorization email asking to extend your test period to the new date. You are not authorized for an extension unless you receive a new authorization from us.

      For more information about AWS and penetration testing, see AWS Penetration Testing.

      To arrange a scan, penetration test, or application test, please CONTACT US and we will have a Security Consultant work with you.

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