SAVANTURE dramatically simplifies Security and Compliance with its best in class solution which leverages SAVANTURE’s cloud-based big-data security analytics platform with crowdsourced global intelligence providing enterprises unparalleled security protection and threat awareness. SAVANTURE is the premier security services provider with a complete set of cloud security tools and services providing solutions in a variety of flexible delivery options.

SAVANTURE provides security visibility and defense for your entire enterprise regardless of your applications location; Cloud, On-Premise, or more likely a hybrid of the two. The power of SAVANTURE’s centralized security analytics platform, leveraging information from your existing security products as incremental intelligence sources, SAVANTURE provides you a powerful, ever changing, real-time and trending view unlike no other services in the market.

SAVANTURE’s suite of cloud based security tools can also be purchased individually or in any combination.  SAVANTURE provides the same great tools used by our CISOs and staff to you.  The Cloud Managed Security Services (MSS) suite includes:

In addition, as a full service Security Services Provider we provide:

  • Genesis5 for those that need more than just the tools and desire a full operational solution providing 24×7 monitoring and management of your infrastructure, we deliver a full Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) solution. We differentiate this solution through a higher level of policy collaboration and strategy bundling within Genesis5 through CISO advisory services.
  • Consulting Services include packaged solutions for augmenting or providing program overview for your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), and IT Security Information assurance program
  • Custom Development for the rare situation you need custom development

SAVANTURE delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud based Security-as-a-Service platform which allows you to dramatically simplify your businesses’ approach to governance and security management.



Today’s enterprises understand the need to have a robust Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Security Program in place to protect their business processes and information assets. Often however, your company’s limited IT, network, and security staff are constantly dealing with everyday tactical problems rather than creating the high-value IT innovations that your company needs to differentiate itself in this high tech world.  What we often find is the customers have a common goal of reducing risk, but have rarely taken the basic steps to inventory systems, applications, network flow, and business transaction dependencies due to their day to day tactical activities.  In order to assist our clients we integrate technology and automation capabilities within our suite of services to:

  • accomplish a higher degree of integration out of the box through automated detection, network mapping, inventory creation and traffic flow mapping.  This means we are more effective without depending heavily upon your staff to provide network diagrams, inventory of systems and applications, and general network flow of traffic within a short period of time.
  • Then, we have experienced professionals reviewing the events being collected by the SAVANTURE platform components and tune them to achieve a high degree of accuracy in our alerts.  We continue to provide this level of review to make sure as threats increase, technologies evolve, networks change, and best practices evolve, your defense posture is optimized.
  • When this is combined through theGenesis5 offering, we integrate a transparent delivery model that leverages people, process, and platform together into the industry’s most powerful, cost effective solution.

SAVANTURE is able to provide higher value, lower costs and a set of world class products and services by leveraging ourglobal team of subject matter expertise, geographically localized leadership with each having decades of information risk management experience.


Product and Services Overview

While our customers benefit from the added “human experience and knowledge” within each product and suite of services, we have taken a much more aggressive approach in integrating a senior security leader into our flagship solution, Genesis5.


The foundational cores of our solutions, including Genesis5, are delivered through the following products packages which can be purchase individually, combined or as an integrated suite:

Security Information and Incident Management (SIEM)

Real-time analysis and alerting through automated analysis and correlation of event logs, combined with ongoing per customer reviews and analysis, integration with vulnerability scans and new vulnerability threat data, trend, and 3rd party intelligence source creates the most accurate SIEM in the industry.  Unlike any other cloud SIEM, we don’t leave it to you to tune, we do that for you and its included in each Managed SIEM In the Cloud package we provide.  We support this through advanced features rarely found in other SIEMs.  Read more.
Log Management Service

Regulatory requirements, forensics, and best practices drive the requirements to retain system and application logs from 1 year to over 7 years.   What is the secret sauce to our success with LMS?  We listened, and continue to listen, to our customers and provide ease of search and reporting that allows for logical deciphering of useful business intelligence from the millions of reference logs.  While LMS is not intended to be a real-time SIEM, it does also provide some lite features for analysis, alerting and of course reporting.  Our LMS is not built on database technology, but rather a true Big Data platform that provides enhanced search and reporting capabilities like a database but with better performance, cost economies, and scale data structure.  Read more.
Vulnerability Management Service

Scan your assets for vulnerabilities regularly and on-demand when new vulnerabilities arise, new assets are added, or to validate fixes.  VMS is a cloud-based suite of security and compliance solutions that automatically integrates with your inventory of network devices, servers and applications, whether Internet perimeter systems or your internal computers. With SAVANTURE’s VMS, you can discover where you have vulnerabilities and weaknesses – and we prioritize the necessary fixes and changes so critical risk issues can be deterred fast before they are exploited. VMS helps you address compliance mandates such as NIST/Government, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and others that require you to audit the devices and applications on a periodic basis and fix any high priority and critical vulnerabilities, as well as configuration violations. VMS is delivered as a stand-alone product or can be integrated into SIEM.Read more.
Authentication and Two-Factor Authentication

Unique to the industry, we provide our SIEM module with most Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) deployments.  Why?  Illegitimate use of legitimate authority, whether accidental or intentional, is a major cause of security breaches.  And this especially applies to Administrator accounts with a high degree of privileged access.  Accountability is a prerequisite of effective security.  Because SAVANTURE 2FA can be deployed to only validate particular applications and user roles (i.e. Administrators), we as an industry must assume that someone could make a configuration error when implementing the service on a server, device or application.  With that understanding, you should actively collect and compare authentication records from each destination system or application with the authentication logs from the 2FA solution … we do that.  If there is a discrepancy, we alert you as a high priority event.  Meet regulatory requirements and provide an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement, second factor authentication solution for your remote user access (such as VPN) to critical systems.Read more.


Fully Managed Services and Consulting Overview

While our customers benefit from the added “human experience and knowledge” within each product and suite of services, we have taken a much more aggressive approach in integrating a senior security leader into our fully managed services, including Genesis5. SAVANTURE’s security service platform, combined with our expert security team who is continually reviewing your security posture, is a winning combination. This combination provides the highest level of risk reduction. Genesis5 is the ultimate balance of protection and governance.
In addition, we do engage in project oriented work and long-term strategic engagements through our consulting practice. These services include:



As a full-service Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) offering the seamless integration of best practices with technology. Allowing you to leverage best practices for policy, rule creation, with the support of a virtual team of experts, an industry CISO veteran assisting you, combined with the technology integration of SIEM, LMS, VMS, 2FA that is Genesis5. How do you catch Advanced Persistence Threats? How about the kids huddled in a garage down the road trying to prove they can hack into your network? You know it’s not just great technology. You know it’s not just great people. And you certainly know it’s not about meeting regulatory requirements and having a governance program in place. It’s about intelligence on a global scale of what’s happening, what’s likely to happen, where great people are supported by excellent technology and proper programs to support compliance and governance with a clear prioritized plan of execution supported by experienced individuals. We are SAVANTURE. We can help. Gensis5 is that solution that makes it all come together. Read more.


Consulting Services

Packaged solutions for augmenting or providing program overview for your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Privacy Officer (CPO), and IT Security Information assurance program


Custom Development Services

Custom Development for the rare situation you need custom development


Sometimes you need help. We are Savanture.  We can help. Read more.



We further customize this based on the vertical market in which you operate.  Each industry not only has specific Governance, Regulatory and Compliance requirements, but they often have unique risk tolerances and specific technologies that must be integrated and considered into the overall defensive plan, policy, and risk approach.  We work actively with each customer to create the optimal solution to meet their needs.  We have solution packages that provide specific approaches for each of the following industry segments:



At the heart of our security service is our Security Intelligence and Operations Centers (SIOC), a state-of-the-art facility staffed with a team of engineers, analyst and technicians hand-picked for their network and security management expertise.
Common Platform Characteristics

To provide the highest level of availability and reliability, this facility features the latest advances in building security, surveillance, network redundancy, and power generation and backup. The SAVANTURE SIOCs operate on a continuous 24x7x365 schedule.
Mission critical systems protection and redundancy capabilities include:

  • We follow the same advice we provide our largest enterprise clients when it comes to protecting our own infrastructure:
  • Dual facility and system redundancy
  • 24×7 monitoring of all key network components and servers, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, routers, VPNs, and more
  • Full logging of all systems
  • Continuous network vulnerability scanning
  • Integrated multi-tier authentication across the platform
  • Quarterly penetration test
  • Infinite Horizontal Scalability to allow us to dynamically add system capacity as more customers and devices leverage our services
  • SSAE 16, previously SAS 70, facilities certification


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  • SAVANTURE Services are best in class and provide the most optimal cost performance solution in the marketplace allowing you to focus on your business
  • Best in class offerings allow us to protect your revenue, reputation and regulatory compliance better than any other solution in the marketplace
  • Flexibility in deployment methods allow a low cost entry option, while breath of services allow you to increase your protection logically over time as threats change and regulatory requirements evolve
  • SAVANTURE allows you to leverage best in class or take advantage of SAVANTURE’s Genesis5
  • Ease of deployment and ease of use while always being cost-effective, reliable, and secure

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