Vulnerability Management

The way organizations and their employees use technology has changed dramatically in the last decade, as have the threats. Today’s threats are more disruptive and can be devastating to your business. The threat to a modern company being impacted by a cyber-compromise is an ever-present reality.  High reliance on IT technology presents even greater risks to businesses due to tight financial controls resulting in insufficient spend on IT Security.  SAVANTURE’s Vulnerability Management and Scanning in-the-cloud solution provides the answer for Security and Compliance, but is also a budget friendly option compared to other alternatives. 

The ability to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities within your environment, from an external and internal perspective, is critical to continually protecting your environment from compromise. All environments have vulnerabilities and weaknesses, however systematically closing the threats is critical.




  • one complete vulnerability identification, assessment and reporting package
  • low cost in-the-cloud delivery, leveraging our Sentinel for on-premise secure scanning
  • internal and external port and vulnerability scanning, prioritization, and reporting
  • analysis for over 65,000 vulnerabilities and weaknesses, including OVAL and SANS Top 20
  • automatic assessment of any device on the network including switches, routers, servers, PCs, smart printers, mobile devices, and wireless access points
  • automatic detection of new vulnerabilities and risk with scheduled scan results comparisons
  • full integration with the SAVANTURE SIEM and Genesis5 solution

Over a decade of real-world experience makes SAVANTURE’s VMS for corporate and enterprise the best option in the industry for you.


Technology Benefits

    Our intuitive user interface and advanced event correlation capabilities help protect valuable network and computing resources without adding staff. Built from the ground up with scalability, performance, and intelligence in mind, our capabilities include:

    • Preventative detection capabilities to identify weaknesses and threats so changes can be made before something bad happens
    • Pinpoint accuracy and rapid threat detection that helps customers identify and isolate security breaches as they occur
    • Hybrid Big Data and database architecture that provides unprecedented scale and performance benefits
    • An integrated trouble ticket system that allows us to store complex data and troubleshooting structures and present them in an easy to understand interface, as well as easy integration of data into your workflow and ticketing system
    • End-to-end secure, reliablelog and data handling.The event handling technology is engineered to handle extreme fluctuations in large volumes of firewall and IDS event information, protecting the integrity of the logs from collection to analysis and beyond
    • Extensive reporting capabilities with over 200 out-of-the-box reporting modules and countless customer configurable customizations

Business Benefits

  • Dramatically improved security and reduced threat exposure through proactive preventative activities and rapid remediation through early detection
  • Attractive Value Proposition supported by a more budget friendly pricing structure in comparison with other VMSsolutions
  • Simplified training requirements and reduced staff levels with our intuitive dashboard user interface
  • Support for all major brands of network components, including firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection systems
  • Various installation options



SAVANTURE’s suite of cloud based security tools can be purchased through our Genesis5 solution, individually or in any combination.  SAVANTURE provides the same great tools used by our CISOs and staff to you. 

The Cloud Managed Security Services (MSS) suite includes:

SAVANTURE delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud based Security-as-a-Service platform which allows you to dramatically simplify your businesses’ approach to governance and security management.  

Learn about our company, read what media and analysts have to say about SAVANTURE, or find an open position and become part of our team. 


  • SAVANTURE Services are best in class and provide the most optimal cost performance solution in the marketplace allowing you to focus on your business
  • Best in class offerings allow us to protect your revenue, reputation and regulatory compliance better than any other solution in the marketplace
  • Flexibility in deployment methods allow a low cost entry option, while breath of services allow you to increase your protection logically over time as threats change and regulatory requirements evolve
  • SAVANTURE allows you to leverage best in class or take advantage of SAVANTURE’s Genesis5 platform
  • Ease of deployment and ease of use while always being cost-effective, reliable, and secure
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