Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade

Security 2020: Reduce Security Risks This Decade

published by Wiley and distributed in 2011.

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Learn what’s real, what’s hype, and what you can do about it

For decades, security experts and their IT peers have battled the black hats. Yet the threats are as prolific as ever and more sophisticated. Compliance requirements are evolving rapidly and globalization is creating new technology pressures. Risk mitigation is paramount. What lies ahead?

Doug Howard and Kevin Prince draw upon their vast experience of providing security services to many Fortune-ranked companies, as well as small and medium businesses. Along with their panel of security expert contributors, they offer real-world experience that provides a perspective on security past, present, and future. Some risk scenarios may surprise you. Some may embody fears you have already considered. But all will help you make tomorrow’s IT world a little more secure than today’s.

    • Over 50 industry experts weigh in with their thoughts
    • Review the history of security breaches
    • Explore likely future threats, including social networking concerns and doppelganger attacks
    • Understand the threat to Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) technologies
    • Consider the impact of an attack on the global financial system
    • Look at the expected evolution of intrusion detection systems, network access control, and related safeguards
    • Learn to combat the risks inherent in mobile devices and cloud computing
    • Study 11 chilling and highly possible scenarios that might happen in the future


About the Authors


Doug Howard, a 25-year IT security veteran, is the Founder and CEO of SAVANTURE and previously held positions as CSO of BAE SilverSky (aka Perimeter E-Security), COO of BT Counterpane, VP of Security and Business Continuity at AT&T and VP of Strategy at Peak XV.


Kevin Prince has spent over 20 years in IT, with the majority of that time focused on information security. Kevin has been everything from founder and CEO of his own information security company to Chief Technology Officer of BAE SilverSky (aka Perimeter E-Security), one of the largest managed security service providers in the nation.