Public Sector & Government

SAVANTURE is the premier security services provider delivering a complete set of cloud security tools and solutions. These solutions are able to be deployed in variety of delivery options ranging from:

  • Genesis5 which is the industry’s leading security and compliance solution for the Public Sector and Government. The solution leverages SAVANTURE’s cloud-based managed security services platform, proven processes and best practices, and an assigned team of SAVANTURE security experts to each customers. The technology component is SAVANTURE’s In-The-Cloud (ITC) Managed Security Services (MSS) platform, including Security Information Element Management Service, Log Management Service, Vulnerability Management Service, and Two Factor Authentication service. By combining the power of this technology platform with an experienced lead SAVANTURE CISO whom acts as your solution and services advocate, you receive the industry highest level of protection. Your assigned SAVANTURE CISO program manages a team of security engineers and analysts who know and understand your environment. This team, working toward mutually agreed upon goals and priorities, continually tunes the technology infrastructure and refines the defined processes and standards in order to optimize your security posture. In addition, this approach significantly reduces the daily research and workload associated with chasing down alerts, events, and threats. Genesis5 is the single security solution for your entire Enterprise regardless of your application’s location; Cloud, On-Premise or Hybrid.
  • The tools used in Genesis5 are also available individually. SAVANTURE can provide these same great tools used by our CISOs and staff stand-alone, or in any combination. SAVANTURE’s Cloud Managed Security Services include:

SAVANTURE delivers the industry’s most advanced cloud based Security Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which allows you to dramatically simplify your businesses’ approach to governance and security management. Today’s enterprises understand the need to have a robust Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Security Program in place to protect your business processes and information assets. Often however, your company’s limited IT, network, and security staff are constantly dealing with today’s tactical problems rather than creating the IT innovations that your company needs to differentiate itself in this high tech world. Outsourcing security tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Vulnerability Management System (VMS), Log Management Service (LMS) and associated operational responsibility to SAVANTURE cuts costs for your business and allows your staff to perform more meaningful tasks.

Managed Security Service (MSS) monitors Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), firewalls, servers and business applications and alerts you on threats and security breaches. With SAVANTURE we add incremental levels of human analysis and tuning that you won’t receive with other providers. We continually evaluate the protection level of the network and provide continual tuning and adjustments to reduce risks. We then combine this with a staff of security experts who routinely conduct traffic reviews, event analysis, and rule reviews, and analyze the accuracy of the correlation engines to ensure that you are seeing the optimal alerting value within our platform. Your network is constantly under surveillance so that when attacks occur we reduce the likelihood of it becoming a security breaches or reduce the level of impact as quickly as possible. This provides the assurance that your business maintains the highest level protection and you are exposed to the lowest level of risk.

Our strategy is not only about delivering the best services in the industry, but recognizing that every decision is scrutinized in today’s cost sensitive world, we must provide the highest value. At SAVANTURE our strategy is to provide you with efficient, effective and cost-compelling information risk management solutions by seamlessly integrating SAVANTURE’s people, process and technology with your unique business needs.  We help your business identify, reduce, and manage information risk to revenue, reputation and regulatory compliance so that you can focus on managing and growing your business. That means we need to understand the regulatory requirements you are subject to today and monitor them ongoing as your business expands and regulations change.

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  • SAVANTURE Services are best in class and provide the most optimal cost performance solution in the marketplace allowing you to focus on your business
  • Best in class offerings allow us to protect your revenue, reputation and regulatory compliance better than any other solution in the marketplace
  • Flexibility in deployment methods allow a low cost entry option, while breath of services allow you to increase your protection logically over time as threats change and regulatory requirements evolve
  • SAVANTURE allows you to leverage best in class or take advantage of SAVANTURE’s Genesis5
  • Ease of deployment and ease of use while always being cost-effective, reliable, and secure
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