Top 12 Security Must for Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB)

The Top 12 High Priority Steps to Simplify and Increase the Effectiveness of your IT Security was authored to provide small and medium sized businesses a prioritized roadmap in simplifying their IT security and optimizing their budget.

As a small or medium sized business, we understand that you want solutions that provide a high degree of protection every hour or every day and that you likely do not have dedicated IT and IT security personnel. We take pride in providing our industry-leading solutions to small and medium businesses in a way that is as effective as those used by large enterprises, yet tailored to smaller companies making them cost effective, easier to use, and any outputs assume a business individual will be consuming them rather than a technical security engineer.


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Its easy for any vendor to create fear, uncertainty and doubt about your existing security today and what might happen, but the reality is even more scary.  Executives are losing their jobs regularly for failing to take security seriously, major corporations are loosing market value, small and medium sized business as going out of business, and many more devastating effects occur when security breaches take place.  If you aren’t worried that your business has or will be compromised, then your uninformed on the state of threats in the marketplace.

We are providing you these “security must haves” in business oriented language, not the normal technical jargon, titled Top 12 High Priority Steps to Simplify and Increase the Effectiveness of your IT Security.  We put these points in order of priority so if you are a Top 10 type of person and can’t consume all 12, just stop at 10.

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